Common Practice vs Common Sense: Relearning to Be a Digital Transformation CISO

Keynote Presentation - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Information security, still a relatively young field in most organizations, is rich with tradition, experience, and dogmatic principles that we collectively call common practice. Digital transformation is about becoming uncommon. Organizations are moving faster, integrating deeper, and expanding into the homes of their customers, much to the dread of security traditionalists. Cleveland Clinic CISO, Vugar Zeynalov, will share his personal experience confronting common practices and learning to build cybersecurity for the next wave of digital transformation. 


  1. Three common practices that should be rethought for the age of digitalization 
  2. Lessons in preparing cybersecurity for digital transformation
  3. How to leverage existing technology trends to reduce variability and increase velocity

Presented by:

Vugar Zeynalov, CISO, Cleveland Clinic View details