How Augmented Analytics Will Help Your Organization

Think Tank - 10:05 am - 10:30 am

Augmented Analytics focus on specific areas of augmented intelligence, using machine learning to enhance how data and analytics are presented and shared. As the capabilities of this technology advance rapidly, it is pivotal to understand these advancements, their applications and implications for your workforce. 


  • Learn more about Augmented Analytics' role as a key feature of data preparation and management, process management, process mining and data science platforms 
  • How to optimize the decisions and actions of all entire team, not just those of analysts and data scientists 
  • Using Augmented Analytics to automate the process of data preparation, insight generation and insight visualization
  • How these new capabilities may require changes in the composition of your workforce

Presented by:

Jason Bonander, Deputy CIO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention View details