Diversity by Design in Artificial Intelligence

Executive Visions - 12:40 pm - 1:50 pm

Artificial intelligence can enhance the customer journey, and make our organizational processes smarter, more inclusive, and more innovative. But AI is not infallible and objective, as algorithms may reflect conscious and subconscious human bias by encoding our historical norms. At this critical stage of foundational data framework, perpetuating these biases through AI risks not only replicating, but amplifying, unfair biases against certain groups. We will decode the ethical debate about privacy, equity, values, and inclusion in AI, and explore strategies towards a multidisciplinary approach with accountability for unbiased and transparent models.

Moderated by:

Annalisa Fernandez, Intercultural Strategist, Because Culture View details



Chris Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University View details


Greg Taffet, MC, Board Member of South Florida Digital Alliance, former CIO, US Gas and Electric View details



Lars Schmekel, CISO, Miami Dade County


Gary Eppinger, CISO, Carnival Corporation View details