Technology Across Cultural Borders

Think Tank - 11:15 am - 11:40 am

In a globalized world, cultural differences present challenges but provide the opportunity for innovation and global excellence. Starting from C-level topics about preserving the corporate and brand message, explore the cultural side of digital communication and the objectives in localizing content, information, and engagement strategies for digital and mobile world forums. As technology grants unprecedented access to new markets, examine different regional communication styles and perceptions of time, discover why emojis aren't universal, and explore cultural preferences and norms for privacy and information governance on the global stage. 


  1. Explore the cultural challenges in leadership and communication, including the cultural elements in digital communication and in information. 
  2. Preserve the corporate message with global consistency across borders for a meaningful digital experience in all markets. 
  3. Decode how information governance and privacy norms are affected by world cultures, enabling effective global policy creation, application, and dissemination.

Presented by:

Annalisa Fernandez, Intercultural Strategist, Because Culture View details