SD-WAN Explosion: The Emerging Solution for a Cloud-First Enterprise

Thought Leadership - 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

As enterprises continue to adopt cloud infrastructure and applications, exploding traffic levels and changing traffic patterns are driving them to re-evaluate their WANs. The WAN is a key enabler in transforming businesses to the new digital economy, but the current WAN infrastructure based on conventional routers was not designed for the cloud. To keep branch offices protected from threats, all web-bound traffic is backhauled to headquarters-based security services, which negatively impacts cloud application performance. As a result, enterprises are faced with architectural complexity, inconsistent application performance, and security challenges for applications and users. 

Dover Corporation is a global manufacturing company with 22 Operating companies across five Continents. Hear from Bill Wolfe, Lead Global Enterprise Architect for Dover Corporation, on how they incorporated SD-WAN to simplify and automate their network, integrate new sites easily, have better visibility and save substantially on connectivity costs as part of their goal to improve business operations and become a cloud-first enterprise. 

Bill believes businesses should embrace technology for the purpose of improving business operations, providing a platform for competitive advantage and delivery of new service and product offerings. Learn how Dover Corporation embraced SD-WAN and the results they are getting from the investment.

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