Planning for a Multi-Cloud Future

Thought Leadership - 9:30 am - 9:55 am

The promise of the cloud is almost beyond compare; infinite computing resources, unmatched reliability and uptime, instantaneous service availability, simplistic self-service and provisioning, and the low-low prices of a buy by the drink model. These are the reasons behind the rush to the cloud that we are currently experiencing, but the wholesale adoption does bring a downside " as more and more capability is moved to the cloud, more and more cloud providers are utilized since, for the most part, each provider offers only a limited suite of services. The MultiCloud environment that creates a new set of challenges that IT leaders need to overcome, notably resiliency, interoperability/integration, and security and compliance through careful planning and the lessons learned from building complex on premise distributed systems.


  1. As enterprises move to the cloud, MultiCloud environments will increasingly become the norm, not the exception
  2. Consistent planning and thoughtful architecture will be essential to efficient and effective cloud deployments