Keynote Presentation | Security's Place in Enterprise Risk Management

Security's Place in Enterprise Risk Management

Keynote Presentation - 2:25 pm - 2:55 pm

While Information Security has existed for decades, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), as a formal and holistic practice, is much newer yet already has taken pre-eminence over its forebear. What is the CISO, who in many ways has toiled in invisibility, infamy, or ignominy to do when faced with the issue of being supplanted by the Chief Risk Officer, just as enterprise demand for and focus on security has reached all-time heights? Savvy CISOs will recognize this new, broader need for holistic visibility into, and management of, overall enterprise risk and will position themselves for success by looking beyond traditional information security boundaries and engaging business partners around all enterprise risk.


  • Just because information security is an aspect of enterprise risk doesn't mean that the CISO needs to take a back seat position
  • Enterprise risk is defined by the business but needs to be quantified by an expert; CISOs bring risk quantification expertise to the table
  • The end goal is not about fiefdoms and ownership, it is about improving enterprise value and success; maintaining focus is essential