Building Dynamic Security Teams

Think Tank - 4:15 pm - 4:40 pm

There's no other way to say it than bluntly; Information Security is a white-hot field within Information Technology as a whole " over the last dozen years it has gone from after-thought, to scapegoat, to critical enterprise success factor. As a result, the need for capable and qualified Information Security specialists, whether front-line Analysts, mid-level Managers, or top level CISOs is at an all time high, but personnel and skills availability is sinking to an all-time (at least in terms of supply and demand ratio) low. There simply isn't enough expertise in existence to go around, or enough education occurring to create it. In this environment, senior Information Security leaders have to get creative in their pursuit of the people, performance, and passion necessary to address this capability shortfall.


  • Learn how to build grass-roots programs that cultivate a farm full of potential security experts through internal and collaborative programs
  • Find out how to leverage key organizational traits to generate buzz and interest where none existed before
  • Understand the relevance of certs vs. experience and how to evaluate and validate the value of candidates