Think Tank | Building a Collaborative and Social IT Security Program

Building a Collaborative and Social IT Security Program

Think Tank - 1:25 pm - 1:50 pm

In todays environment there can be no arguing that a comprehensive IT Security program is a de facto requirement for every organization. Such a program needs to address the full range of security threats that can be leveraged against an organization, needs to be integrated into whatever regulatory and governance requirements exist, but beyond that it needs to be accessible, consumable, and actionable by everyone that is influenced by it, or interacts with it. Building a program that is shared through social channels and relies on the collaborative input of employees and constituents for not only creation but enforcement will drive higher levels of adoption, responsiveness and, ultimately, protection.


  • A security program, that is the stated intentions of the organization combined with the policies and tools to back those intentions up is essential
  • The program needs to be easily communicated, easily consumed, and easily complied with
  • Using an open social and collaborative approach to creation, distribution, and enforcement ensure greater adoption and ultimately greater security