Keynote Presentation | Addressing Privacy on a Global Scale

Addressing Privacy on a Global Scale

Keynote Presentation - 8:45 am - 9:15 am

Of all the risk management issues that present themselves to the modern-day CISO, perhaps the most difficult to address is that of privacy. In and of itself, privacy is no different a challenge than protecting any other sensitive information, however the multi-jurisdictional impacts of the issue due to wildly differing laws between the US and European countries (as well as Canada, another country with strong privacy laws) make this an issue that is often times overwhelming to address. CISOs must work diligently to ensure that their privacy efforts conform with the standards of any jurisdiction with which they might work, where their data might be held and this is an almost overwhelming task.


  • Privacy is one of the most challenging issues for any business and CISO to address
  • The difference in regulations between and among European countries (both those in and out of the EU itself) and North American ones means traversing a fraught landscape
  • A strong approach to privacy that addresses global differences is essential to being a stable and viable global business