Think Tank | Physical and Digital Convergence

Physical and Digital Convergence

Think Tank - 4:10 pm - 4:35 pm

The discussion around the convergence of physical security and information security dates back over a decade, but though much was made of the concept in the early 2000's little was actually done and the buzz faded. Flash-forward to today however and the buzz is back because of the increased focus on holistic risk management, the increased pressure of greater compliance requirements, and the increased demand for every aspect of the business to be a value generator. CISOs and CIROs need to evaluate the opportunities for both technology convergence (streamlining platforms) and organizational convergence (streamlining roles) to meet new threat protections mandates.


  • As enterprise security matures and morphs or integrates into enterprise risk management, converged security becomes a must have
  • Convergence allows for far greater levels of visibility and control of threats and threat actors
  • Convergence enhances not just base security but also top-level risk management, enterprise compliance, and even operational value