Think Tank | To Android or Not to Android, THAT, is the Question

To Android or Not to Android, THAT, is the Question

Think Tank - 4:10 pm - 4:35 pm

Android represents the most common and most popular mobile device operating system and any businesses developing for an external audience absolutely must ensure that Android is a supported platform in the capabilities it offers. However, Android is also the most unsecure platform with as much as 95% of all mobile malware inexistence targeting that platform and so businesses that allow mobility within their organization must very carefully consider that threat before they allow Android devices to connect. Rationalizing that dichotomy of a device that will be common and popular amongst the workforce yet at the same time represents a dire threat to enterprise security is an issue that every CIO and CISO must address.


  • Android isn't adoption isn't going anywhere but up and enterprise mobility programs must be prepared for almost omnipresent Android devices
  • Android's security issues are legendary however, and in an era of heightened scrutiny on and need for enterprise security, how can IT leaders allow such unsecure devices
  • Balancing user satisfaction and organizational protection is a fine line that IT leaders must constantly walk