Think Tank | Customer Focus on Mobility - Who Needs to Prioritize This.

Customer Focus on Mobility - Who Needs to Prioritize This.

Think Tank - 2:55 pm - 3:20 pm

A very short time ago, we saw the introduction of the Internet, smartphone, and tablet. All disruptive technologies that sparked billions in new revenue and changed the way we live and communicate, along with how we work and operate on a daily basis. These technologies paved the path for what we are about to see in retail over the coming years. 

However, customers and the preferences are becoming more diverse, their expectations are growing higher, and their loyalties are at all-time lows. In the face of these dynamic market forces, building organizational customer centricity, then is essential for long-term success and this is best achieved by creating programs that equally focus on customer acquisition and customer retention. So who drives the organization to translate the voice of the people's direct feedback, social media postings etc. 

Does your organization prioritize it differently across departments? Does marketing take the lead..IT leaders, or senior management? Meeting consumer expectations requires a cohesive strategy and an appropriate IT infrastructure. 

So we will have a roundtable brainstorming session around these issues.