Think Tank | Get Greater Speed, Agility, and Value Through Cloud-Based Smart Manufacturing

Get Greater Speed, Agility, and Value Through Cloud-Based Smart Manufacturing

Think Tank - 2:55 pm - 3:20 pm

Over the last 20 years enterprises and CIOs have focused significant resources and funding towards ERP deployments. While the ERP journey has often been challenging, it is clear today, if not obvious, that every enterprise of any scale requires an integrated system to manage its core business functions. For manufacturers, a common and comprehensive operating model has remained elusive, until now. Beyond the traditional manufacturing and quality requirements, the need for speed and agility to meet faster product cycle times, customer demand changes as well as the pressure of competition and continuous improvement means that the manufacturing operating system must meet the highest standards of integration, flexibility, and time to value. In short, what is required is a future ready solution. The rapid development of technologies across a wide range of disciplines has coalesced into Industry 4.0. While the vision of Industry 4.0 is still largely aspirational, one example is the use of big data tools to realize value from structured and unstructured data that are efficiently absorbed through traditional integration of IIoT. In this session, Patel will discuss how Sanmina implemented a cloud manufacturing solution to meet its demands of operations excellence and deep functionality within and across plant operations while maintaining a high level of agility and cost efficiency, quickly enable process controls, and provide data collection and visibility at specific work centers across a whole plant or even product lines that cross multiple plants.


  • How a cloud based model provides greater speed and agility 
  • Delivering business value through a common platform and data model 
  • A future ready operations management foundation provides a competitive advantage 
  • Start small and expand based on business needs