Think Tank | The Need to Go Micro and Integrate Existing Systems Into New Apps

The Need to Go Micro and Integrate Existing Systems Into New Apps

Think Tank - 11:05 am - 11:30 am

Despite millions of dollars of investments and countless hours of implementation and support, employees are not using the enterprise software provided by their employers to do their jobs. Why? Because today's systems are hard to use, they trap data in silos, and have a poor user experience with limited mobile support. What's needed is a new way of delivering information and tasks to employees so they can work faster, make better decisions, and be more productive. In this session, Sapho CTO Peter Yared will talk about his experience with this exact problem when he was a CIO, which lead him to start Sapho. He will also invite Steve Comstock, CIO of CBS Interactive to join him in a discussion around:

  • How to modernize existing systems using microservices, that enable efficient, simple, and user-friendly workflows.
  • The importance of delivering content to where people are- any device, any messenger, any intranet- instead of focusing solely on mobile.
  • How to apply lessons learned from social media- push notifications, personalized information, and mobile access- to enterprise software to make it usable again.
  • How CBS Interactive underwent a digital transformation to improve employee satisfaction and productivity by modernizing their application environment.