Thought Leadership | Secure, Simplify and Transform to a Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

Secure, Simplify and Transform to a Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

Thought Leadership - 3:00 pm - 3:25 pm

Progressive companies are leveraging cloud, a powerful business enabler, to transform their business and make it more competitive. But cloud and mobility significantly impacts the current IT infrastructure - security, network traffic flow, applications, user experience and cost. As CIOs and CISOs embrace this transformation, they look for opportunities to exchange ideas with their peers who have gone through this journey. 

At this session, Zscaler, will share experience of leading the massive network, security and datacenter application transformation that he managed across all business units of GE. 

Example topics will include: 

  • How to transform your hub & spoke network into a cloud-enabled network 
  • How to transform datacenter applications to a SaaS, AWS and Azure environment 
  • New security paradigm for the new world of cloud 
  • Changing role of IT execs 
  • Lessons learned