Executive Boardroom | Mobile Data Quality

Mobile Data Quality

Executive Boardroom - 9:50 am - 10:15 am

Data quality has long been one of the most challenging issues that IT organizations and the enterprises that are hoe to them have had to deal with. Everyone knows that these data quality issues exist, but the cost and complication of addressing them has pushed them to the back burner. We stand however at a precipice, one that has been brought on us by mobile computing " as more devices enter the hands of more users, more data is being created and consumed, making the data quality issue more pressing, more relevant, and more urgent to solve. IT leaders can no longer ignore data quality issues for the good of their companies and the good of their careers and need to bring this issue to the fore and get it resolved before the avalanche sweeps them under.


  • Data quality is hard and unappealing and so in many case it is simply not done, or not done effectively
  • Enterprises have been scuffling by with poor data quality capabilities and may be convinced that the situation is manageable
  • Even though data volumes have grown quickly over the last few years, mobility is set to give data volume a near vertical growth curve which will compound and highlight this fundamental issue