Using Cloud Delivered Services to Enable Business Transformation

Executive Boardroom - 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

As IT leaders begin to make the Cloud an inherent component of their long-term plans, they face the risk of falling into old habits and simply approaching the Cloud from a purely tech-centric perspective. While addressing the technology questions presented by increased Cloud adoption is important, more important is understanding the business enablement opportunities offered by broader Cloud adoption strategies. Innovative CIOs will need to see the Cloud for what it is; a way to change the conversation and focus away from the bits and bytes to an evaluation of what capability enables optimized business initiatives. 


• Learn why viewing the Cloud as an alternate technology delivery channel only is career suicide 

• Understand the real value of the Cloud, and that it goes beyond surface metrics like cost savings 

• Develop, instead of a Cloud adoption strategy, a Cloud/Business enablement strategy