Moving from Operations to Transformations

Think Tank - 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The accepted number for the amount of the IT budget that is tied up in operational spend, in paying to maintain technology that has already been purchased, is 80% leaving only 20% for the IT department to use to drive new projects. Because this level of funding is so low, as much as 70% of IT sponsored projects fail. Yet IT departments are being constantly pushed to be innovative, to find a way to embrace new technologies and leverage them to drive business change. How can you do that when your time, money, and effort goes to just keeping the lights on? Join us as we collectively explore this issue and examine some of the successful strategies that are being leveraged by top IT leaders. 


• The pressure on CIO’s to drive change has never been higher, but fortunately neither has the opportunity to do so 

• Disruptive technologies don’t just have the power to disrupt IT for the worse, they have the power to disrupt the business for the better 

• Fortune favors the bold; now is the time to take a leap into new modes of business to break the operational spend stranglehold