Smart Cities

Keynote Presentation - 8:15 am - 8:55 am

For Municipal IT leaders the promise of IoT is huge – by deploying a networking of smart sensors, city leaders can measure and track a wealth of data points that can vastly improve quality of life within their home. From the mundane such as parking availability and noise map generation, to the sublime such as active traffic flow management and infrastructure structural health for proactive maintenance the opportunities to enhance citizen experience while proactively managing cost are huge. Municipal CIOs need to begin strategizing now on how they can support and drive Smart City initiatives within their hometowns before civic leaders drive them to it unprepared. 


• Out of the box thinking about IoT technology deployment can yield significant business benefits 

• IoT deployments for one purpose (i.e. Agriculture) can have benefits in another (i.e. Landslide detection) because of commonality of data points 

• Organizations can derive significant public goodwill by using IoT deployments for private and public benefit