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Sam Turk

Sam is a Senior Marketing Research Analyst at CDM Media.
He won a 'Marketing Hall of Fame' award in 2019.


What is your background?

This is actually my first job out of school, I graduated from Miami-Ohio back in May of 2019 and I started here in mid-August. I studied business and marketing and this has been my first job since graduating.

How would you describe your role at CDM?

My role works a lot with the data, marketing and sales. I handle a lot of the data within Salesforce and all the data within our marketing campaigns. I’m in charge of who certain stuff is sent to, how different people have interacted with the campaigns, and then, creating that liaison and reporting on the data to the sales people so we can work in tandem to close more deals.

What inspired you to become a Relationship Manager? Did you overcome any challenges along the way?

I’ve always had an interest in marketing and advertising in general, but I’ve always been a data geek as well. This market research analyst career path always had a draw for me because I get to work with marketing and advertising. I’m not a super creative person who can create all these crazy graphics and stuff like that. I get to work with a lot of stuff I find interesting and I get to apply my skillset to it.

What drew you to CDM?

The position really met what I was looking for. The big-name clients, Google, IBM etc. The message and mission of CDM; creating those connections for those high-level clients really drew me in. The industry too. Even though we are an advertising and marketing company we work with pretty much exclusively IT clients, so that’s always been really interesting to me.

Do you have any passion projects at work? Feel free to share a proud moment or team win.

Setting up the new instance of Salesforce was a big project for me. That was really cool to be able to take the lead on that and face the challenge. Working further to create a better liaison between sales and marketing and reporting like we haven’t really done here before. It’s definitely been a passion project for me.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I have an identical twin and he’s also my roommate. He works more in the finance side of things. We are identical and very close, so most people don’t know that about me.

If you could switch jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be?

I think it’d be interesting to see what sales is like – either on the BDM or RM side. It’d be a different experience for me. I get to work with them a lot and help them so it’d be cool to try a day in their shoes.

Any advice for people who want to apply to be a Marketing Research Analyst?

Just be open to challenges. If there’s a big challenge presented to you by your manager or company, go ahead and try to do it if you think you have the capacity because that will improve your own skills and growth down the line.